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Ratioplan Transportgeräte GmbH in Raisting

Kristin Irlinger

Managing director / CEO

Patrick Irlinger

Assistant to the management

Katherin Seeber

Commercial management

Company History

Ratioplan was founded in 1974 and works in Raisting / Bavaria since 1998. There we have the textile production, the construction and commission of the trolleys and of course the office buildings on more than 3000 m². Since 1992 we are working as a family-management in the second generation. The third generation is already in the starting blocks. For more than 50 years ratioplan is working with trolleys, which are especially from ratioplan named Normtainers.

As a specialist in roll containers for packaging, transport and goods logistics, the company began specializing in standard containers for the textile sector around 40 years ago. Normtainers because of the normed measures in the trucks. As a trolley-specialist for package, transportation and product-logistics the specialization in trolleys for textile production began 40 years ago. The European production, as a contrast to Asiatic products, makes sure that there is a constant high quality and a longtime availability of replacement parts. In addition there are special designs, handmade examples and small product lines for individual solutions. The own sewing completes the trolleys with linen bags and covers in every size and many different colours. Our showroom shows all the diversities and possibilities of using the trolleys to all our interested clients and such ones, who wants to become clients.

Our History


ratioplan GmbH was founded in 1974



Specialization in Normtainers for the laundry and textile sector


The second generation

The company has been run as a family business by the second generation since 1992


Robot production

From 1995, the most common trolleys are produced using robots



The office is based in Raisting / Bavaria since 1998


Trade fair presence

Since then regular presence at the TexCare in Frankfurt


Reinforcement of the sales force

Start of increased field service


Financial crisis

Ratioplan overcomes the financial crisis in 2009 without staff cuts


Retirement of a managing director

Retirement of a long-standing managing director into well-deserved retirement


Best company result

Ratioplan achieves the best company result since its foundation


Chromium III galvanizing

Conversion to sustainable chromium III galvanizing


Corona crisis

Ratioplan masters the corona crisis in 2023 without staff cuts


50 - years of Ratioplan

ratioplan GmbH turns 50 years old


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Tailor-made standardtainer solutions

We offer a wide range of standard containers for the entire textile and underwear sector, as well as the mail order business. Every Normtainer that leaves our factory is built from our modular system for your individual application.

Comprehensive service from consultation to aftercare

Before you place an order with us, you will receive quick and non-binding technical and commercial information, expert advice on the use of your standardtainer and precise delivery time information. When you place an order, we will promptly send you an order confirmation so that you can check all the data again. After delivery, we will continue to provide you with advice and assistance.

Punctual deliveries - your planning security

Delivery dates are not only promised, but also met! This makes us a reliable factor in your production planning!

Lightning-fast delivery from extensive stock

We can send you over 20 standard sizes in almost a thousand equipment variants from our stock within a few days. And your special request will be realized in just a few weeks.

Wide range of standardtainers for every requirement

You can (almost) always choose a suitable Normtainer from our wide range of products, naturally with the right accessories in many variants. And for your special application, we advise, design and build your special standardtainer.

Sponsoring memberships in professional associations