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Shelf Trolley

Shelf Trolley

The idea of the shelf trolley is to have a rolling unit for use at the storeroom and production.
Three screens on each side one protect the commodities. On maximal ten floors, goods – small and big – can be stored, sorted and stacked. And the trolley can be rolled away at any time.
Two basic sizes should satisfy most requirements.

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For compartments of both sizes there are masonite boards.
Beside the big trolley is equipped with screen or tin surfaces if you choose so.


All steel parts environmentally friendly chrome III galvanized in conjunction with an overlying layer.

Various usage:

The trolley can not only be parted horizontally but also vertically by shelf dividers.
For transport of clothes a rod may be installed.

Dimensions (outside) (WxDxH):

Small: 1.000x530x1.575mm
Big: 1.200x530x1.920mm
Shelf height: in the distance of 170mm