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System R8

System R8

The base
Laundry trolleys in the system R are produced in the same stable shape like system G2. The two hinged shelves of the compartment which can be folded down are a special design. You may store the laundry in three different compartments, one above the other – which you load in from the front. Thus, the customer will get his laundry delivered already sorted. After taking out the clean laundry fold down the partitions. Now the trolley may be filled with used laundry and returned without any problems. We offer three sizes of trolleys for the current trucks/lorries or other means of transport.

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Steel frame pallet with grid-type, Phenol-plastic baseplate, Plastic baseplate, Tin with layer of zinc


All steel parts environmentally friendly chrome III galvanized in conjunction with an overlying layer.

Standard - roller system:

Desmopan 100 mm

Dimensions (outside) (WxDxH):

R 800: 800 x 600 x 1700 mm
R 855: 858 x 652 x 1700 mm
R8 Kombi: 858 x 600 x 1700 mm
Multi-tiered: 650 / 560 / 320 mm